There are roaches in my house!

I don't need the disgusting details, just take me to how to get rid of them!

How Disgusting!

Tell me about cockroaches.

* Cockroaches are remarkable creatures. They can cover 50 times their body length in 1 second. That is like a human running 180 miles per hour.

* German cockroaches will eat just about anything from crumbs to cardboard to droppings of other roaches and if there is a serious food shortage, they will eat each other, so they prefer to stay close to a food and water source.

* They can go for long periods of time without food and if separated from its head, the roach body can go on living for several weeks until it finally dies of dehydration.
* They have followed humans whereever they have expanded and now the urban jungle is their natural habitat. If they just stayed in the sewers, that would almost be tolerable, but their nature keeps them exploring new territories. In all honesty, not even the cleanest house is immune.

* In the US, the German cockroach is the most common roach found in homes, apartment houses, restaurants, and hotels. German cockroaches (eggs included), are "brought in", usually on man's belongings, luggage, boxes or packages. All it takes, is bringing in one egg capsule, and you can go from one to infinity in just a couple of weeks.

* With our urban way of life, we have created an ideal environment for cockroaches to breed in, and now we are seeing legeons of cockroaches, multiplying at an alarming rate.

Click on the picture above for a larger version. In it, you can see an egg pouch. These contain from 16 to 64 eggs -- enough to form a new colony. They can be laid anywhere from a book binding to your luggage.

Of those that we typically see, the German cockroach is the most important world wide as a pest.

The American cockroach came from tropical Africa, probably first on the slave ships to the Caribbean and southern US.

The Oriental cockroach is mostly in Europe and along the Mederterranean.
* Cockroaches have been around hundreds of times longer than man, and they look much as they did 300,000,000 (that is 300 million!) years ago.

* There is an urban legand that they will be the only thing to survive a nuclear war, and that they can survive being cooked in a microwave oven. Actually they are no better than other insects, most of which are about 15 times more resistant to radiation than humans.

* Still, they make great test subjects for insecticides, because if a product can kill a roach, it can take out anything on 6 legs, and nobody cares what happens to the test roaches.

So what do we recommend?


The same thing that professionals will charge you a fortune to apply.

And Why?

Because it works, quickly, safely and for months at a time.

Our story: we were landlords of several multi-family units in Austin, Texas. Many of the families are quite poor and some have terrible house keeping habits. Time and again, they would be infested with cockroaches, which are almost a fact of life in the South. With our use of IGR's, we are able to keep our apartments free of fleas and ticks, but the roaches seemed to defy all efforts to permanently rid the homes of their presence.


Enough to treat 3 homes!
. . . $39.95 Click Here to Order Avert

How to apply Avert.

Avert's unique applicator makes it easy to use. Each applicator contains approximately 200 bait placements. You just insert the plunger into the tube and squeeze the gel out gently.

As with all baits, Avert doesn't produce immediate knockdown. It may take as long as five to seven days to achieve 100% kill. But no bait is faster or more effective than Avert.

The amount to be applied varies with the site. For light infestations, a minimum of 4-6 bait points per 100 square feet is recommended. For heavy infestations, use 12-24 bait points for the same area. Be sure to apply enough bait placements and product.

So, we went on the search for a new and better Cockroach control that would be both safe and effective. That turned out to be Avert.

The real test for us was a four-plex that was continually infested in the worst way. We had gotten our first tube of Avert Gel and the salesman had told us that we just needed to put a tiny amount in about 10 places around each apartment, in the cracks and crevaces and in the dark corners of the cabinets and drawers. Since the kitchen and bathroom were both on the bottom floors, we did not treat the upstairs. We were able to get into two diagonal units the first week.

We placed probably 15 bait stations around the kitchen and bathroom of each apartment (we weren't taking any chances) and left them. By the time we were able to get into the other two diagonal units a week later, the roaches were gone -- not just from the apartments that we treated, but from the ones that we had NOT treated as well!

Our customers have had the same excellent results.
THAT is why WE recommend and sell Avert.
Learn more about Avert here.


* Don't panic.
* Do your best to remove food, water and a place to hide.
* Store food in sealed containers even pet food.
* Make sure garbage can is clean and keep all waste food safely stored.
* Vacuum up roach droppings.
* Roaches can live for weeks without food, but water is essential. Seal all leaks.
* Gaps between pipes and walls are pathways for roaches to come in. Seal them.
* By the time you notice one, they have set up shop. It is time to deal with them on all fronts.
* Show no mercy. All it takes is for one female or eggs case to escape treatment and within a month, a new wave of cockroaches invaders will appear.
* Just squeeze a little Avert gel bait on each bait spot. The roaches will find it and roaches "love Avert to death!"


Enough to treat 3 homes!
. . . $39.95 Click Here to Order Avert

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